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"Views and Glances – with Brush Strokes, through the Photographic Lense and with Passion"

Andreas Jaeggi's paintings of objects and urban views are a confrontation and, at the same time, a thematical approach to the exhibited photographic works of the other three artists. The cityscapes, painted on canvas or canvas panels, are urban impressions as they are experienced by the opera & concert singer, stage costume & set designer and artist while living in Basel as well as during his many stays in numerous world capitals such as Paris and New York. Painted in the fashion of Neo-Pop-Art, his paintings often appear to be impressionistic, they show tendencies towards monochromy, they interprete earlier painting styles in an ironic way, they express and reflect personal experiences and memories, illuminated by colored theatrical lighting. Andreas Jaeggi's oeuvre is the work of a painter and of a graphic designer at the same time, they pretend to be in water colors and ink or based on photography, they seem to be spontaneous or planned, they mutate into familiar places of a citizen of the world to whom art is a way of life.

By Kiki Seiler-Michalitsi (Curator)


The Eye and the Camera
The perfectly staged show shows works by Peter Hermann, Werner Grieder, Hansbeat Stricker and Andreas Jaeggi. The camera is an instrument of unsuspected pictorial possibilities: in a thrilling way, three photo artists witness this, to which the thematically related paintings by Andreas Jaeggi are opposed ... Within the city impressions from Basel, Paris or New York, he swings with great virtuosity from photorealistic precision to sketch-like spontaneity, and thereby creates a fascinating mixture between a landscape of the soul and a precise rendition of a real place.

By Renate Duerst for Basler Zeitung


As far as the technique is concerned, the paintings by Andreas Jaeggi – in oil on canvas or canvas panel – are breaking ranks with the three photographers. And yet, they do form a harmonic entity with the photographs within the exhibition, curated by Kiki Seiler-Michalitsi. Andreas Jaeggi regularly travels abroad, not only as an artist with extensive exhibition activities but also as an opera singer, costume designer and set designer. His city impressions of New York, Paris and Basel stun on one hand by the almost photographic precision, on the other hand by a highly individual artistic translation which includes impressionistic elements as well as techniques used in Pop Art. 

By Sibylle Meyrat for Riehener Zeitung


The current exhibition at the Kunst Raum Riehen, curated by Kiki Seiler-Michalitsi, is called "Views and Glances – with Brush Strokes, through the Photographic Lens and with Passion". The title doesn't promise too much: in the space, located near the Beyeler Foundation, the works of four artists are to be seen, photographs and paintings which show familiar, but also unusual sights and views, insights, outlooks and glances; they show people having fun or in a thoughtful mood, individual portraits and groups, architectural curiosities, contrasts and reflections, landscapes – mostly in black and white, partially in color.


One is touched by a breeze of the great big and generously wide world through the paintings by Andreas Jaeggi and the photographs by Werner Grieder, Peter Hermann and Hansbeat Stricker. The artists which represent different times and styles, do not form a group. Though in their themes and subjects we may find parallels as well as oppositions, together they share a view of the visible world which recognizes the signs of their time.  


The painted pictures and objects by Andreas Jaeggi are a confrontation and – at the same time – a thematical approach towards the photographic works. After completing his Graphic Design studies at the Basel Art School, Jaeggi finished additional studies at the International Opera Studio at the Zurich Opera House in 1976 and began his unusual career as a costume and set designer, as well as a performer, opera and concert singer. The exhibition at the Kunst Raum Riehen shows only a very small fraction of his multifarious work which documents the common trait of all the art work shown here: the joint, but highly individual view of the visible world.

By Annina Fischer for Basellandschaftliche Zeitung


Exhibition: "Views and Glanceswith Brush Strokes, through the Photographic Lense and with Passion"
Gallery Kunst Raum Riehen, Basel (Switzerland)