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"Spatial Transcendence"

From elegant nudes to street scenes and interiors, Andreas Jaeggi's art is based on classical techniques and forms of expression, while suffused with a sense of individual vitality and true cultural energy. Jaeggi displays a solid knowledge of anatomy but evades static representation of the figure – with a gestural drawing style and expressive use of medium, his figures, cityscapes and still lifes possess a great sense of movement, agility and dynamism. Jaeggi's subject matter is chosen from images which leave personal impressions upon his memory from the world surrounding him: "Only things of my closest environment and things I have experienced myself interest me in my art work, elements which I can judge with the precision of scientific clearness." Jaeggi was born in Basel, Switzerland where he studied art for many years before going on to exhibit his work in six European countries as well as the U.S. Besides being an accomplished painter, Jaeggi is an internationally recognized classical opera and concert singer.

ArtisSpectrum Magazine


Exhibition: "Spatial Transcendence"
Agora Gallery SoHo / Chelsea, New York City