Andreas Jaeggi:
"Giuditta Pasta / Giacchino Rossini / Gaëtano Donizetti / Frédéric Chopin / Gilbert-Louis Duprez /
Cornélie Falcon / Gustave Flaubert / Lilli Lehmann I & II, my Art of Singing"
Nine Portraits / Cut-Out Silhouettes
Pencil on Watercolor Cardboard
Height 17" / Width from 17" to 22"

Flaubert 21 (Bicentennial of Gustave Flaubert’s birth 1821-1880)
"Madame rêve en Bovary"
Château de Martainville, exhibition outside-the-walls of the Museum for Traditions and Arts of Normandy (France) at Maison Marrou and the Rouen Opera House

In 1857, the young writer (born in 1821) invents a story, a figure, a romanesque style of writing which gives – in its condensed form within the novel "Madame Bovary" – an entierly new direction to novel-writing. Emma Bovary, contemporary heroine, leaves her mark in numerous generations of readers and inspires a lot of artists: illustrators, musicians and film makers.
"Madame Bovary" takes place in Normandy, in the Pays-de-Caux in the Seine-Maritime Department to be precise. For this reason, the Museum for Traditions and Arts of Normandy with its rich collection has decided to organise the exhibition "Madame rêve en Bovary" outside-its-walls in two culturally meaningful locations: at Maison Marrou and the Rouen Opera.

The scenography in the exhibition zone of the Rouen Opera House is based on a series of huge traveling trunks which visually – like the box seats of the auditorium – allows one to create a visual micro-cosmos illustrating certain musical aspects of the book. The exhibition pieces are meant to guide the theater-goers with logical instructions towards an imaginary meeting with Emma and Flaubert. The presentation finds its conclusion in an "arranged" grand piano which symbolises the melting point of all forms of art: the text pages envelope the musical instrument and above it all sits enthroned the portrait of the writer.

Scientific Commissionary: Vincent Vivès
Professeur de Littérature française / Institut des Sciences Humaines / Laboratoire DeScripto / Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

Set model for an imaginary production of Donizetti's opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" & reconstruction of the stage production about the German song cycle "Dichterliebe" by Compagnie Alain Germain: Andreas Jaeggi
"Le Piano aménagé": Vincent Vivès & Andreas Jaeggi
Photos: Vincent Vivès & Andreas Jaeggi