Art Work of the Month June 2012

Andreas Jaeggi / French Sun King Andreas Jaeggi / Willy Schoch

The historical figure of the French Sun King has fascinated me already as a little boy. Especially the representation of Louis XIVth in his coronation apparel has inspired me to copy numerous times the imposing oil painting (see the two drawings below, which I have done at about age 10). I wonder how long the model did have to stand still in this furry coat with his raised elbow? One of my best school friends growing up was Willy Schoch who was in my opinion some sort of reincarnation of the Sun King. There was something royal about Willy, and this at the time of "anti-authoritarian upbringing" and the left-wing Flower Power wave. He was not only exotic, his behaviour demanded quite some courage then. Therefore, here is my rendition in oil on canvas of the head of the fourteenth Louis, in comparison with a portrait of Willy (pencil drawing – no, this is not a photograph but a portrait drawn by hand), both works from around 1974.

Andreas Jaeggi / French Sun King Andreas Jaeggi / French Sun King

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