Art Work of the Month May 2008

Andreas Jaeggi / Geoff Sculpture Andreas Jaeggi / Geoff Sculpture
Andreas Jaeggi / Geoff Sculpture

I've always been fascinated by the baroque idea of using painted plaster in sculpture to represent marble, gold and draped velvet, and not use the real thing. It creates an abstraction, a distance from reality, a sense of false richness. For this sculpture of a young man, I therefore used painted and plastified papier mache, or in other, more prosaic terms, cardboard. The sculpture is called "Geoff", just like those one-syllable oh-so-masculine names in gay pornography. I have worked on an entire series of heads of "Beautiful People" in the past years. The cut-out cardboard pieces stuck into each other is a technique I have long experience with: I used it as a boy when I constructed small stage figures and recreated full miniature theatrical scenes to "entertain" my parents' guests after dinner, with background sound from the record player, Mami's old curtains as wings and hand cut cheese cubes on crackers, served at intermission. Today, I try not to think to closely about what tortures I put these poor people through, although I do remember that most of them remained friends with my parents after these memorable evenings.

"Beautiful People: Double Heads" Part One
"Beautiful People: Double Heads" Part Two



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