Art Work of the Month March 2009

Andreas Jaeggi / Click for Enlarged View Andreas Jaeggi / Click for Enlarged View

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Andreas Jaeggi / Click for Enlarged View

These three oil paintings on wood panels (format 18" x 22", 2009) have been executed during my stint at the Paris Opera at the beginning of this year. One could be tempted to say that I lead a slovenly life of luxury … on the other hand, to be able to sing repeatedly in front of a totally packed theater auditorium with over three thousand audience members and without a microphone, my daily routine resembles more one of an olympic athlete than one of a man of leisure. Every day I took the same route to go to work at the Bastille: from my apartment on rue Dauphine to the metro station Louvre-Rivoli and then the short travel by subway (during which one crosses half of the town) to the opera house. For weeks, nothing happens. All of a sudden, this or that view which represents a meaningful moment to me, gets caught in my visual memory. Why these "snapshots" again and again are corners of roofs against a piece of sky, I couldn't say. I regularly ask myself, if a representation of the prosaicness of the overcrowded place here wouldn't be more contemporary and relevant. Possibly.