Art Work of the Month March 2008

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Andreas Jaeggi:
"Cleopatra's Donkey Milk Jug"
Oil Paint on Air-Dried Modeling Clay
height 11"


Continuing the theme of "Falsifying History" (see also the collection of fake antiques of "The Salome Excavation"), I have created here an overflowing jug which could have served the legendary Egyptian queen and film goddess in the pouring of donkey milk into her bath tub. The head, which forms the body of the jug, is, of course, not Cleopatra's but the head of some gorgeously beautiful and totally insignificant male slave. The limp glove is perhaps the beginning of the taking off of one's clothes, or perhaps it is the gauntlet of an unsolved feud thrown down on the bowl. The coloring of this sculpture, the combination of poisonous verdigris and drinking milk, is not a coincidence.