Art Work of the Month January 2008

Andreas Jaeggi 20070701


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Andreas Jaeggi:
"Dream Flight #8"
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
55" x 40" (in four parts)


In this dream of flying we find ourselves in a Parisian street scene: on the corner of rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine und rue de Charonne. I have lived here in the past years whenever I sang either for the National Opera of Paris at the Bastille (in Martinu's "Juliette ou la clef des songes" and the Fourth Jew in Richard Strauss' "Salome") or was part of a production with Company Alain Germain ("Notes de Champagne" and "Chasse-Croise" at the Museum "Maison de la Chasse & de la Nature", see Music Projects). The flaming red profile shows a young man in an emotionally uninvolved state. The angel-like creature is about to either be shattered on the ground or he will turn around in mid-air shortly before being smashed. In the right-hand foreground, a shadow-like open hand is suggested which either waves at us hesitantly, demands the onlooker to stop and/or offers its life lines to us. I have varied this theme of silence and aggressivity within inbalanced gravity several times already in comparable works, see Dream Flight.