Art Work of the Month November 2009

Andreas Jaeggi 20090701
Andreas Jaeggi 20090701
Andreas Jaeggi 20090701

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On Alain Germain's Terrace
at Rue de Paradis"
Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 16"

Alain has placed his terrace on top of the roof of his mansarded apartment on rue de Paradis, like the hanging gardens of Babylon. In very Parisian fashion, the throne like installation precariously sets on the metal-covered tilted surfaces – akin to a novice rider balancing on a saddle – which are interrupted in rhythmical distances by window openings. This terrace has developed through the years into "The Third Room" which means that rarely used utensils are stored higgledy-piggledy and these objects are waiting now to either be used again in a distant future or go the path of all things ephemeral through weathering.