Art Work of the Month October 2008

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If film not viewable here, please click on eye symbol to watch it on YouTube.

If film not viewable here, please click on eye symbol to watch it on YouTube.

My Studio

My studio is rather small but it is My Studio. Honestly, the working space is usually quite tidy because I function best in orderly surroundings. I have left the decorative "artistic chaos" here as is, mainly for this photo series. For me, the artistic chaos has to take place within a self-chosen framework, whether these boundaries be the size of a canvas or the confines of some other medium. Color splatters on the floor and on the walls belong to the category of bohemian Hollywood movie cliches.

After my mother passed away, my father sold the family house and moved into an "assisted living residence". Therefore, all of my earlier work (including the drawings from my childhood and my school years), which had been stored there, had to come to my studio. In order to store the considerable amount of work in a relatively proper fashion, I ordered wooden upright archive crates from a most clever master carpenter. These wooden elements with adjustable shelving can be assembled and then joined together or separated freely into individual or multiple sections.

It goes without saying that my working space shrank considerably in the process. What accentuates the problem is the fact that I usually work on several projects at the same time. I also pick up on earlier themes and subjects every so often, sometimes even after many years, and develop them further. Older series of paintings as well as single works are being corrected, continued, partially destroyed, worked over, ...